Makoto Yamada, Ph.D. [Japanese/English]

Makoto Yamada 

Makoto Yamada, Ph.D.
Unit Leader (PI, equivalent to associate professor), High-dimensional Statistical Modeling Unit, RIKEN AIP
Visiting Associate Professor, Research Center for Statistical Machine Learning, Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, Aalto University

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2018 Will serve as a Publicity chair of WSDM 2018.
2017/07/01 Masaaki Imaizumi (visiting researcher) has been joined our unit! welcome!
2017/06/01 Kohei Hayashi (visiting reseaercher), Heewon Park (visiting researcher), Yuta Itoh (visiting researcher), Denny Wu (intern) have been joined our unit! welcome!
2017/05/16 Our paper entitled “Convex Factorization Machine for Toxicogenomics Prediction” has been accepted by KDD 2017.
2017/04/27 Will serve as a senior program committee of WSDM 2018.
2017/01/24 Our paper entitled “Localized Lasso for High-dimensional Regression” has been accepted by AISTATS 2017.
2016/11/18 Our proposal has been accepted by JST PRESTO as PI.

Current Research Interests

Machine Learning

  • Nonlinear high-dimensional feature selection

  • Ultra-high dimensional Feature selection

  • Change point detection